Internet-of-Things devices needed a blockchain network to communicate and exchange value freely, and that's what Iota's tangle aims to achieve. Online gamers also see the potential of mIOTA due to no fees on the transactions, which gives you more reasons to gamble for it than ever before! Here is our list of the best 5 exchanges to buy Iota for gambling!

gold iota coin with a chart in the background

#1 Binance - Buy mIOTA For Gambling

If you need a very easy to use the exchange to get mIOTA without any headaches, then going to Binance is the smartest bet. Binance is blockchain's leading cryptocurrency exchange with very low 0.1% trading fees, and they do have mIOTA/BTC trading markets allowing you to buy this coin!

They are creating more incentive to use them over other exchanges by offering a 25% discount if you pay your trading fees using BNB token. And the most convenient part about it is that the fees are charged only once per month. Leaving more coins for you to gamble with!

There are no network fees to withdraw mIOTA because of Tangle processing transactions for free!

#2 HitBTC - Iota Exchange Platforms

Iota has only recently found its way to some of the leading exchanges on the chain, and HitBTC is the following option for purchasing mIOTA easily. For anybody trading under 100 BTC volumes, the fees are 0.1% per trade with a rebate on your every transaction. Starting from 1500 BTC volume you don't have to pay any fees at all!

If you need a platform to buy Iota for gambling easily, then check out HitBTC.

#3 OKEx - Iota Exchange

The next of the best 5 exchanges to buy Iota for gambling is OKEx. It is not the easiest exchange to use, but fees average right around 0.1% in the lowest tier. You can get cheaper rates for a higher trading volume.

#4 - Iota Exchange Platform is an Iota exchange platform that lets you exchange mIOTA for a cheap fee of 0.2% per trade. You do pay an additional 0.1% fee on your withdrawals, which is making them into one of the more expensive options for buying mIOTA. However, seeing how buying Iota is not the easiest compared to some other coins, then even this option will suit gamers who are looking to gamble with it!

#5 Huobi Global - mIOTA Trading

And last but not least, your alternative option for purchasing mIOTA delivered on the Huobi Global exchange. Huobi Global features hundreds of crypto trading pairs with an average fee of 0.2%, which is the same for mIOTA. That puts them into our list of the best 5 exchanges to buy Iota for gambling!

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